The Breakup Healing System

How to Use Your Breakup to Achieve the Ultimate Happiness and Fulfillment

The Breakup Healing System shows you simple, powerful, and easy-to-learn techniques that uncover and strengthen your natural ability to let go of the painful feelings left after a breakup so you can feel peace and happiness again.

Now you can rebuild your life better than before your breakup.

Breakups hurt. Here’s how to free yourself from the pain of a breakup and become stronger and happier than ever

If you’re feeling the blues from a breakup and wish you could just move on, this no-nonsense course is for you.

Breakups can be true happiness killers.

Suddenly there’s a cold vacuum in your life where a person you cared for and counted on used to be.

You’ve made past compromises and future plans because you thought it was the right thing to do.

But now you're feeling worried that you’re faced with a bleak, lonely future.

Letting go of the life you’ve spent months or years building with a partner isn’t as easy as swiping left or right.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Every day people deal with the effects of an unwanted breakup - sadness, loneliness, guilt, and wishing you could change what happened in the past.

You can't stop thinking about your ex and you might even stalk them on social media at times, which only makes you feel worse.

Or maybe you feel like you haven't got closure.

You're stuck wanting to know why the relationship ended and why you feel so bad and you really need to know.

So your mind constantly creates mysteries and conspiracies to fill the gap.

When going through a breakup, its also common to try to hide from life.  You ignore your friends, neglect your work, and avoid any self-care. And these behaviors only serve to make a breakup worse!

Many people struggle like this to get over a breakup. And while many struggle with the aftereffects, there are always those who find it much easier to let it go and move on.

What’s their secret?

Well, for starters, it’s important to understand that it’s not the breakup itself which is causing your unhappiness…

… it’s YOU. And that’s great news.

Because The Breakup Healing System offers life-changing insight and exercises to help you transform your current distorted thoughts and emotions about your breakup into something far more realistic, beneficial, and constructive.

In The Breakup Healing System, we tackle your toughest emotions about the breakup, and let them go so you can feel peace and happiness again.

By the end of this course, you will find ever greater happiness than you had before, and be better prepared to one day find love again.

about the author

Hi! My name is Jeremy Standiford, author of The Breakup Healing System.

I created this website and online course to help people get over a breakup or divorce without making the same huge mistakes I did.

After a breakup led me down a self destructive path, I discovered letting go and my life was radically transformed for the better.

Jeremy Standiford, Author of The Breakup Healing System

This is my breakup healing story...

I was 21 the first time I fell in love. I had been shy and awkward during my teens and didn’t have much experience with women or dating. This was my first real relationship. It felt like I had won the lottery.

We both came from religious families, so I proposed. Getting married was the right thing to do, in my mind. Being so young and naïve, I thought that falling in love with someone meant you would love each other forever.

"After the wedding, things started to go downhill."

After the wedding, things started to go downhill. We both had emotional issues neither of us could handle, and I don’t think we were ready for marriage. We stuck it out for two more years until I had a run-in with police that completely broke what was already falling apart.

We were both going to college at the time. One evening we were hanging out with friends and decided to try psilocybin mushrooms, otherwise known as "magic mushrooms."

I had taken it before and had been considering diving back in for a while. I thought it could save my relationship, or at least help me find clarity in my unhappy marriage.

During my first trip, I remembered someone telling me you should set your intentions before taking psilocybin.

This time, before I started, I set my intention for a ‘life changing experience’.

As the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for; you might just get it.”

"So, we took the mushrooms, and after the drugs set in, I completely lost my mind."

So, we took the mushrooms, and after the drugs set in, I completely lost my mind. I had taken a higher dose than everyone else and forgot who and where I was.

I in the midst of this bad trip, I fought several police officers and woke up the next day in jail with severe bruising and a dislocated shoulder.

I was charged with resisting arrest and battery on a peace officer. The latter was a felony that carried a maximum sentence of two years in prison.

"She kicked me while I was down. I felt betrayed and completely heartbroken."

I had asked for a life changing experience, and that’s what I got. Shortly after my arrest, my wife asked for a divorce. I was devastated. She kicked me while I was down. I felt betrayed and completely heartbroken.

Luckily, my lawyer managed to get me a plea deal with probation only. Afterward, I graduated from college and got a job in a different city. Things were going okay for me, but I was still reeling from the divorce.

"Being dumped like that made me feel worthless. The future I had imagined was shattered."

Being dumped like that made me feel worthless. The future I had imagined was shattered. I felt lost. It was around this time my priorities began shifting.

No longer was I worried about supporting myself, my family, my wife. Now, I wanted to get laid. I felt like that was the validation I needed—still worthy of love and respect.

Step number one was making myself look the part. When you’re in an emotional state, it’s easy to make bad decisions.

My first bad decision was buying a new car. I was making enough money to fund it, but it wreaked havoc on my finances later.

At least I looked rich.

But it only took a few weeks to realize women won’t flock to you just because you drive a nice car. It was time to move to step two.

The year was 2008. It was around this time the “manosphere” was in its early stages. The main driver of this movement was picking up women.

There were million-dollar businesses teaching men how to get the women they desired, let alone the thousands of other guys on the internet sharing information on how they got women.

"It was at first difficult to break out of my old habits, but within a few months, I started seeing success."

And I was one of its followers. I started studying the methods intensely and going out to try what I’d learned. It was at first difficult to break out of my old habits, but within a few months, I started seeing success.

It was around this time I got into personal development and self-help. Going from having extraordinarily little success with women to picking up ten or fifteen in a month gave me unbridled confidence.

The thought came to me one day, “if I could just read a few books and completely change one aspect of my life, what’s stopping me from doing that with everything?”

I started listening to all kinds of authors. Tony Robbins was my go-to for self-help, but also served as my transition point from self-help to spiritual self-help.

"...some part of me knew I needed spiritual healing."

One day at a local bookstore, a book entitled “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay caught my eye. I’m not sure why I bought it—maybe because some part of me knew I needed spiritual healing.

I had a nice car and comfortable lifestyle financially, yet I still wasn’t happy. And so, my spiritual journey began at this time. It wasn’t a big part of my life then, but its bigger role was still to come.

"I ended up spending a month in jail and lost my car and job."

I had been working, and partying in my free time. One night, while out on a date with a woman I had met the previous weekend, I was arrested for DUI. I was still on probation for my previous arrest.

Getting arrested for DUI is bad enough, but getting arrested while on probation is much, much worse. I ended up spending a month in jail and lost my car and job.

This was around 2009. The recession was getting really bad.

The judge had mercy on me. He gave me time served and sent me on my way. My second brush with imprisonment left me with two probation officers, no job, and no car. I felt like my life was over.

I eventually found another job, and while it was mind-numbing and didn’t pay well, I was able to eat and pay the bills. My probation finally ended, and with it should’ve come the end of my lesson.

Had I learned anything? I continued partying. I hadn’t learned a thing.

"I had unresolved feelings about my divorce..."

I was still dealing with a lot of emotional baggage. I had unresolved feelings about my divorce and everything else that had happened in my life. Plus, I felt like I had no future.

When you’re in this state of mind, it’s easy to go back to bad habits. Despite all this, I never lost hope. I managed to slowly rebuild my social life, but my professional life was in the doldrums.

I put all my self-help on hold during this time, but I never gave up hope. I knew I could do better, but I didn’t dare try then. I just didn’t think it was possible.

A few years later, when I was between jobs and living at my parents’ house. Not much had changed. I was still partying with my friends when I had the money.

"I hit rock bottom."

This was my rock bottom. I was 27 years old and my life wasn’t turning out how I had planned. Finally, I felt bad enough about myself to do something about it.

I got back into self-help and looked online for something I hadn’t tried before. By some stroke of luck or divine providence, I discovered a program about letting go.

I really didn’t know what it was, but when I saw it, something inside me knew it was the right thing to do.

"It was unlike anything I had ever seen before."

I downloaded the program, sat on the couch, and listened. It was a recording of a live seminar and the host chuckled as he presented the material and interacted with the audience. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before.

The concepts and ideas that were presented were counterintuitive. They talked about how “want” equates to “lack” and that by letting go of wanting, you’ll open yourself up to having. I had never heard this before.

"The Critical Counterintuitive"

But I had learned many years ago, when learning to interact with women, that things that are counterintuitive often work well. Eben Pagan, a well-known business and dating guru, coined this “The Critical Counterintuitive.”

Critical because little else matters, and counterintuitive because it reminds us that the world works in ways opposite to how we think it does.

Once you understand what it is, the critical counterintuitive is everywhere you look.

The nice guy hardly ever gets the girl. The smartest kid in class rarely changes the world. The hardest worker doesn’t make the most money.

"It felt so good to let go."

Knowing this, I did all the counterintuitive exercises presented in the program with complete sincerity. Because I was at the bottom, I was ready to let go.

It felt so good to let go. I had been holding on so tightly before. As I let go, I felt more relaxed and at peace. I noticed that my mind was more silent, and I felt genuinely happier.

I kept listening and letting go for the rest of the day. Something else I noticed was that letting go had freed up a lot more energy in my body.

I could hardly sleep that first night and I didn’t really feel tired. I felt a peaceful stillness in my being – a certain wakefulness or sense of aliveness that I hadn’t noticed before.

"I really didn’t understand what I was doing..."

The following morning, I listened to the seminar recording and kept letting go. I went for walks periodically to balance out all the sitting on the couch, and because of the huge increase in energy I was experiencing.

I really didn’t understand what I was doing at the time. I had a vague sense from the conversations I was hearing that what I was doing was a spiritual practice. But I also thought maybe I was “reprogramming my mind for success” as some secular self-help programs advertise.

"On the third day, I was left with no doubt as to whether this was a spiritual practice."

For the past three days I had been letting go intensely. My entire state had changed as a result. I felt much more energized and positive.

I went for another walk. It was a cool day in early October.

My mind was entirely silent. I felt a calm stillness in my entire being. 

As I walked, I felt the most incredible feelings of happiness and bliss.

Feeling these incredible and unexpected feelings, I thought to myself, “What is this? What is happening?”

"I had never experienced anything like this."

I had experimented with numerous recreational drugs in the past and none of my previous drug experiences could even come close to what I was experiencing.

These feelings of joy and bliss were in such a stark contrast to the hopelessness and depression I had felt just a few days earlier.

In that moment I noticed a choiceless, infinite and unconditional love within myself and the entire universe. It was just there, without any effort on my part. 

"I felt utterly delighted and completely in love with the whole world."

I felt love for everything around me and saw no separation between myself and anything else. I felt utterly delighted and completely in love with the whole world.

In this same moment I also saw that what we are contains all time and all space. That we are infinite – beyond time and space - and can never die. This realization just hit me like a ton of bricks.

"I felt complete redemption, not only for myself but for the whole world"

In that moment I felt complete redemption, not only for myself but for the whole world. There were no victims or perpetrators, only one glorious being shining with a brilliance brighter than the sun.

I realized that there was nothing to fear, ever. I no longer feared death in the slightest. To this day I never think about death in a negative way.

This peak experience lasted only a few moments but left me with lasting peace and harmony. Since then, I have had many experiences like this. This first awakening marked a huge turning point in my life.

A few months later I got my dream job with a startup company. After years of being unemployed and underemployed, it felt like an absolute miracle.

The job paid well, and the work I did was exciting. It was the perfect job for me at that time.

All my relationships improved as well. My relationship with my family had been strained, but that rapidly improved.

I also noticed that my dating life improved. Women just wanted to be around me. I used to have to use a lot of effort and “game” to get dates. 

After letting go it was effortless. I had better relationships with less effort and friction.

I have seen many more miracles from this work since then, including:

  • Effortlessly finding my ideal partner, who I now have a daughter with.
  • Feeling no pain or suffering after being seriously injured in a motorcycle accident.
  • Starting a successful business when I had no money to even pay my rent.
  • Feeling unconditional love and infinite beauty so intensely that I laughed and cried for 12 hours straight.

As you let go, you will move away from negative emotions like fear and grief and feel more love, happiness, and peace in your life instead.

And you will see miracles manifest in your life as well.

Sometimes the miracles will be small, and sometimes they will be big, but they are miracles, nonetheless.

The ultimate miracle is realizing the truth of who you are.

Seeing for yourself that you are not separate from the supreme being of the universe, the source of all beauty and love, and that you are already free from all your so-called problems.

Now you can try this for yourself...

I’ve taken what I’ve learned from nearly a decade of applying the letting go techniques in my own life and turned it into a system you can use to quickly recover from your breakup.

And you won’t just recover—you’ll thrive and be better off than you were before the relationship ended. Much better.

I call it The Breakup Healing System. It’s an online course designed to help you let go of the painful feelings you experience after a breakup and create a life that you love.

It’s important that you let go of the feelings you have about your breakup. Your thoughts and behaviors are heavily influenced by your feelings you hold inside of you.

If you hold on to negative feelings like grief, anger, and guilt—the decisions you make will lead to undesirable results in your life.

And if you let these negative emotions go, you’ll make decisions from a place of peace and positivity. You’ll make better decisions that lead you to greater heights of happiness and success.  

As you let go, you will notice improvements in all aspects of your life, including:

  • Improved health and well-being
  • More money with less effort
  • Better relationships with everyone around you
  • Increased happiness and peace

In this online course, you'll discover...

  • How to eliminate the pain of a breakup without paying for expensive therapy or taking psychiatric drugs.
  • Why people often repeat bad relationships (and how to break the cycle and create better relationships)
  • Why do you feel bad after a breakup? Here’s the SOURCE of all unhappiness and how to overcome it.
  • 5 easy ways to eliminate of ANY painful feelings left after a breakup.
  • How to feel peace and happiness - without changing ANYTHING about your current situation.

Program Details

I've taken what I've learned from over 10 years of practicing letting go in my own life and turned it into a system that's designed to help you get over your breakup and create the life you want. 

This is short home study course to help you get results as soon as possible. I was originally going to write a 200 page book, but I realized not everyone has time for books so I shortened it down to about 30 pages, divided into 6 chapters.

Each section has audio recordings where I guide you through the process of letting go around your breakup. Each recording is short, most are less than 10 minutes. It shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes to get through most sections. 

Here's a small glimpse of what you'll learn...

Inside this program, you'll learn how to master your mind and emotions so you can get over your breakup and consciously create the life of your dreams.

Chapter 1: How to Let Go and Get Over Your Breakup

In this first session, you'll discover:

  • Why breakups hurt (and why it's a lot like a physical injury)  
  • Why some people don't recover easily from breakups 
  • What it means to "get over" your breakup 
  • What "healing" really means and how to make it happen
  • Why conventional approaches to dealing with painful feelings don't work (and what to do instead)
  • You'll also learn to basic letting go exercises that form the foundation for everything you'll do in later sessions
  • A roadmap to healing your breakup so you will know whether or not you are on the right path as you go through the course

Chapter 2: The Healing Power of Presence

In this session, we'll discuss the healing power of presence and how it can help you heal.

You'll also discover:

  • The easiest and most simple way to get over your breakup. 
  • You are whole, complete, and enough as you are in this moment and that how nothing needs to change in order for you to heal and be happy. 
  • You'll learn a simple process to you can use to relax and center yourself anytime you want. Using this process will also help you recognize that you ARE enough in this moment. 
  • You'll also get two more guided audio releases in this section, both are designed to help you strengthen your ability to let go, and unlock your natural state of peace and happiness.

Session 3: How You Can Be Free from Pain and Suffering

In this session, you'll discover:

  • How I felt no pain or suffering (and joy and gratitude instead) after being seriously injured in a motorcycle accident.
  • Why wanting to get rid of pain only makes it worse (and what to do instead) 
  • You'll also get several different guided audio releases designed to help you overcome ANY pain you may encounter  

Session 4: Healing On a Deeper Level

In this session, we'll take healing to a deeper level. In this session, you'll learn:

  • Why you sometimes experience recurring patterns in your life (like bad relationships) and how to stop them from happening again
  • You'll discover what lies at the root of all your feelings (and how this can help you heal faster)
  • You'll learn a simple technique you can use to get over your breakup more quickly 
  • How to stop approval seeking and needy behavior so you can feel more confident in your day to day life
  • The secret to taking control of your life so you can be in the driver's seat instead of feeling like a victim

Session 5: Taking Inventory of Your Life and Letting Go

In this session, we'll do the important work of clearing out all the old baggage from your past relationships so you can move forward with your life with ease. 

In this session you'll learn:

  • Why you choose the wrong partners (and what to do about it)
  • How to make peace with your ex (without having to contact them)
  • How to stop blaming yourself or others for what did or did not happen in your relationship
  • How to let go of the desire for revenge in a way that's really fun and cathartic
  • A secret "gratitude process" you can use to enjoy your life more fully now
  • You'll get 9 exercises in total with guided MP3 audio you can download and use on ANY device

Session 6: Creating Your Ideal Life

In this final section, you will learn a simple process you can use to create your ideal life. I'll share the same process I've used to achieve things in my life that I thought were impossible. This includes raising $1.2 million from investors for my startup company and attracting my ideal partner in 30 days.

In this session, you'll discover:

  • The #1 reason why most people don't get what they want (and what to do about it)
  •  How to get in uncover your heart's deepest desire (and create it in your life)
  • How to let go of limiting thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that block you from creating whatever you want
  • How to get into action and achieve your goals in a frictionless, stress free way 

Check out what other people are saying about The Breakup Healing System

I used to be really depressed and awkward but letting go has helped me feel happier and more confident. I find it much easier to form healthy, meaningful, and long lasting relationships now. 

Korey T. 

Detroit, MI

My breakup really put me through a tailspin. I discovered letting go and never looked back. Now I'm actually grateful for my breakup because it helped me let go and grow in a powerful way.

Jerry L. 

Los angeles, CA

After my divorce, I was overcome with a lot of painful feelings, some of which were deep seated from childhood. Working with Jeremy and The Breakup Healing System helped me clear that away and now I feel happier and more free than ever!

Peter L. 

New York, NY

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Jeremy Standiford

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P.P.P.S. There's no better time than right now. The sooner you act, the sooner you can start feeling good again and creating a life that you love. I can't put this any other way.

I'm a person of action. I want to get over my breakup!